SCS Innovations Ltd

SCS Innovations Ltd
Via G. Antonelli, 3
70043 Monopoli (BA) - Italy
Tel. +39 080 937.24.58
P.I. e C.F. 06900360725

Business Profiles

The SCS Innovations Ltd is a company with a plurennial experience in the photovoltaic sector, it co-operates with a leader group company in this sector and it's specialized in the development, planning and installation of photovoltaic implantations, the main aim is to the customer an installation of hight quality.
The SCS Innovations Ltd company manages bureaucratic passage and the realization of the photovoltaic implatantions from the praticability to the assigment to the spur of profit from the G.S.E. S.p.A.
It evaluates selling offers or leasing agricultural land for the installation of the photovoltaic implantations, it also obtains approved authorizations with the concerning points of connection.


Small and medium consumptions

The SCS Innovations Ltd company deals with all stages necessary for the realization of a photovoltaic implantation

  • Commercial consultation
  • Technical inspection
  • Feasibility study
  • Planning
  • Presentation file to provost corporation to obtain permission
  • Request to Enel Distribution S.p.a. for the point of connection
  • Prevision form for photovoltaic implantation
  • Installation of photovoltaic implantation
  • Testing
  • Connection
  • Presentation application to obtain the incentive charge “Energy calculation”
  • Maintenance of implantation
The SCS Innovations Ltd in partnership with the leader group in the sector of renewable energy, is at present looking for an industrial floor, solar pavament, layer or plane roofs, to bring in place for the accomplishment of the photovoltaic implantation.

In partenership with an investment fund that looks after the frock coat side, the SCS Innovations Ltd, will rent your location and on its own experience and management will be responsable for the planning of the implantation, of the presentation of the achievement of the autorizations needed, for the starting and management.

The surfaces must not be less than 2.500 mq.

The stages of the transaction are entirely on the expensives of the SCS Innovations Ltd:

1) On the spot investigation and the technical result
2) Agreement about payment for the owner of the building
3) Presentation and achievement of the authorizations

The lessor can value varios ways of repayment:

1) A free realization of an implantation
2) Canon “una tantum” with payment all the once when the implantation is set up
3) Canon of rent for year
4) In case there is the presence of amianthus, agreement on the discharge its self and the coverage of the SCS Innovations Ltd.

Once obtained the authorizations and got the financial support the two parts will ratify about the preliminary coverage with notorial document and SCS Innovations Ltd will start with installation of the setting up and says the lessor as stipulated.

Big consuptions

  • SCS Innovations Ltd is interested to the aquisition of communal or regional authorizations, with relating documentation of “Enel Distribuzione S.p.A.”
  • It values after an accurate territorial screening, offers of leasing or renting and the sale of pieces of agricultural lands for the installation of the setting up.
  • International investers and research are interestedto develop and the make big consumptions.


SCS Innovations Ltd has the merit of a team with professional and specialized workers in the technological and environmental field, producing good experience in the sector, with continuous research and testing for a best result of the technies used for the accomplishment and the development of new technology and photovoltaic technology.

Accomplishment of photovoltaic

Some developed accomplishment by the SCS Innovations Ltd

Work 1 Fasano (Brindisi) 211,680 Kwp  
Work 2 Monopoli (Bari) 9,996 Kwp  
Work 3 Turi (Bari) 500 Kwp  
Work 4 Turi (Bari) 999,96 Kwp  
Masseria Turi Turi (Bari) 60  

In stage of development:

Work 5 Turi (Bari) 7.550 Kwp
Work 6 Ostuni (Brindisi) 999,96 Kwp
Work 7 Ostuni (Brindisi) 999,82 Kwp
Work 8 Martina Franca (Taranto)
SCS Innovations S.r.l. - Via G. Antonelli, 3
70043 Monopoli (BA) - Italy
P.I. e C.F. 06900360725 - Tel. +39 080 937.24.58
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